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First Day of Spring Break 4/1/2010

Well I finally got all the pics off my camera from our Spring Break is day 1Continue Reading

Sick of the BS!

Just kicked my dad out my house..I’m so sick of his BS! No wonder I am so d@mn SCREWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Continue Reading

Postively+ Adopted

Well, I was doing something that I do often, reading adoption and humanitarian aid blogs and I have been reading a lot about adopting kids with HIV and AIDs…. Many of these I have read before but I came across this video and wanted to share it… I had once hoped to open a groupContinue Reading

A Mother’s Love?

This may be the most transparent post I have ever made..Without going through the whole blog and reading, I am just going to say that it is…. This post is in response to Linny’s Crazy Love Challenge Part # 2 on Her Blog: A Place Called Simplicity We are to post our prayer needs….I didContinue Reading

You’re not a single lady- a plug for adoption!

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